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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wildflowers in Winter - At Home (Week 4)

Wildflower Morning hosts a weekly event called Wildflowers in Winter to post about wildflowers. The theme for week 4 from February 6-12 is Wildflowers in the Home. "Decorating with wildflowers. Show us dishes or other decorations made by you or someone else that you have in your home."

Looking around my kitchen I spotted some Corning Ware in the "Cornflower Blue" pattern. This Corning Ware pattern was produced for about thirty years up to the 1970’s. Of all the various designs produced by Corning, Cornflower Blue became an American classic.
As oven, stovetop and then microwave safe examples were offered, cooks made use of these versatile wares. Sets in various sizes were ubiquitous bridal shower or wedding presents for decades. At potlucks, you needed to mark your casserole in order to retrieve the right one to take home. I used my 2-quart casserole for many dinners and potlucks.

This Petite Pan and its plastic storage lid was handy when I was a graduate student.

Last month I found these two casseroles (1 qt. and 1 ½ qt.) and one glass cover at a thrift shop for $3.00.

The 22-ounce and 7-inch pans and 1-quart Saucemaker are also thrift finds in great condition.

These well-made and sturdy wares have become collectible.

Here is a photo of the cornflower plant with its bright blue hue. Didn't the designer for Corning Ware interpret the flower well?

For more about art and wildflowers, do visit Elizabeth Joy at Wildflower Morning for a comprehensive list of posts.


Elizabeth Joy said...

The Cornflower Corningware is really good at representing the flower. I had never taken the time to realize what it was. I've seen it so many times. Thank you for sharing.

La Tea Dah said...

Lovely Wildflowers in Winter post. I have many of the cornflower casseroles which DH and I received as wedding gifts. Although the new designs may be brighter and fancier, there is nothing like the classic traditional when it comes to a good casserole dish!

Love Bears All Things said...

I had a saucemaker once that my sister got me with green stamps. I loved it for heating soup. But alas, it got broken. I wish I could find another. I have many of these as you do and they are used often.
Mama Bear