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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Heart-Shaped Pretties

In the past week or so, it has been very pleasing to see so many heart-shaped items on various blogs. So I thought I’d see what items I had around the house. Right off, in the kitchen there was a blue ceramic heart-shaped baking dish, a gift from my mother. I also found a small coppertone tin cookie cutter.

Going from there to the bedroom, then the guestroom, I spotted more and more items. "Oh wow," I thought, "another collection here at Oak Rise Cottage?" Well, it’s more than three items….

Here is what I found:

4 Boxes
Heart-shaped shell box – gift from my late brother and his wife
Heart-shaped china trinket box – a thrift store find
Heart-shaped decoupage box – made by my sister & her daughter
Tiny navy and gilt paper ring box – from craft store

3 Photo frames - all from one of my sisters
Heart picture frame in gilt metal with enameled pink flowers with green leaves
Heart shaped picture frame outlines in pearly white heart shapes

Red ceramic frame with heart-shaped opening

Gold pomander heart from Italy - gift of a co-worker
Sachet heart with lace trim
Wood sachet heart

An enamelled black and gold Sarah Coventry pin
String and bead bracelet with 3 blue and 3 green hearts made by my 8-year old niece

White cotton heart pillow with crochet edging – antique shop
2 India-made cream fabric heart ornaments – boutique buy
White handkerchief with red embroidered hearts and bows

Framed dried flower wreath print
White porcelain bell with heart handle – gift from a friend

Greeting cards in heart shape

Handmade paper heart ornaments from Sweden - gift of a college friend

No photos of these:
Rose rhinestone heart key ring
Red plastic key ring
Heart-shaped mother of pearl beads - from my mother
2006 Calendar with Heart motifs from American Heart Assn.
Blue and white Delftware candle-holder with heart cutouts

I hope you found these heart pretties of some interest. Thank you for stopping by. Please leave a comment and come again.


Anonymous said...

You do have a heart collection! That shell box is just gorgeous and the framed dried flower wreat is pretty!


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

That's a great heart collection! I don't have very many (will have to work on that!) Hmmm, let's see, I think my favorite are the framed dried flowers, and the gold pomander from Italy!

Thanks for sharing!


Esther Sunday said...

Thanks for rounding up the lovelies to look at! Love, Esther

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

What a neat idea to share in February!

GranthamLynn said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting me. I came over to see your show and tell. The carvings are interesting and then reading the story is just really neat. I looked at your heart collection and I would love to add it to the Valentines Day Party over at my blog. I love your idea of digging up hearts from your around your home. You had a collection and didn't even know it. I hope you have a Blessed Weekend. Come over for the party!