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Monday, August 31, 2009

Blue Monday – Diana Princess of Wales 1961-1987

Blue Monday is sponsored by our gracious Sally at Smiling Sally.

Reading Gloria’s post today at Happy to Be and Katherine’s post at Yellow Rose Arbor, I was reminded that today is the twelfth anniversary of the death of Diana Princess of Wales on August 31, 1997. Katherine shared a lovely doll and many quotations of Diana’s words regarding the need to give of oneself to those in need. Gloria’s post shared her extensive collection of plates, cups, dolls, books and other items celebrating the Princess’ life.

This reminded me that I also have a large collection, though most of it is in boxes. For several years the collection was on display in my guest room, which is now used by my nearly 91-year-old mother.
The books, however, are on display in and around a small stand for the tv in my bedroom.

The books include biographies, photo books, mostly on Diana, but also on the royal family.

On of my favorite books is A Dress for Diana, which tells the story of how her famous wedding dress was designed and made.

Here is a photo of one of the plate series, this example showing her in her wedding dress:

Many books have been written about her fashion sense. One example is Diana: Queen of Style.

Inside another book, Diana: HRH The Princess of Wales we see her dressed in a blue outfit, including her hat.

Here are three books written by people near her: A Royal Duty, by Paul Burrell, The Housekeeper’s Diary by Wendy Berry and The Bodyguard’s Story by Trevor Reese-Jones. It was fascinating to read the different perspectives on Diana's personality and character.

The Diana I Knew is by Mary Robertson, an American whose son had the young Diana as his nanny.

Diana: Collecting on a Princess by Charles Nobles is a guide for would-be collectors and shows items in the author’s own collection. It also suggests prices.

This post is also for Today’s Thrifty Treasures hosted by Rhoda at Southern Hospitality.

All seven books listed below were from the local thrift shops. Most cost about 10 cents each since I usually bought a bag of books for one dollar.
Diana: The Last Year by Donald Spotto
Requiem: Diana Princess of Wales 1967-1987 edited by Brian McArthur

Diana: HRH The Princess of Wales [Photographs] by Tim Graham, Introduced By Clive James.
In Public – In Private: The Prince and Princess of Wales by Alastair Burnet. Photographed by Tim Graham.
The Princess & the Duchess: Inside the Lives of the World’s Two Most Dazzling Royal Women by Josephine Fairley.
The Royal Year 1989 Photographed by Tim Graham
My Story: Sarah, TheDuchess of York, with Jeff Coplon

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Mosaic Monday – Milk Glass Collection

My two mosaics today feature my milk glass collection. The first one shows the collection as it is displayed in the laundry room.

The next mosiac features selected pieces of the collection and a collector’s book about milk glass.
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Mosaic Monday – Around the Yard

I thought I’d try my hand at making a mosaic with photos I’ve taken around my front and back yards this summer. I used Picasa to do this.

After selecting the photos I wanted to use I copied them to a separate folder. After opening Picasa I selected the photos and clicked COLLAGE and kept moving the photos around until I liked the composition and then saved it.

Here is another photo-collage I did with PhotoScape using instructions from Laurie at Bargain Hunting and Chatting With Laurie. These are photos of garden containers around the yard.

When time permits I've got to read up some more and practice making some of the interesting mosaic patterns I see on so many blogs.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday - California Pottery

I lived in southern California for three years, having gone there to do graduate work in English. I really enjoyed living in the sunny climate. I also enjoyed the Spanish influences on the architecture. From then on my dream house was a Mediterranean style house with a tiled roof, etc. Another area that caught my imagination were California pottery, including dishes by Franciscan. I never did buy any of these dishes but, during the past year or two I saw some items from California potteries and felt I had to have something. Here is one piece I bought. It is a teapot which happens to be unmarked except that is states "Made in USA"

I haven’t found the sugar and creamer to match, but this set in the Metlox Poppytrail Yorkshire pattern has similar lines.
The swirled surface and the handles goes well with the teapot.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Three or More Tuesday – Silverplated Topped Salt and Peppers

Three or More Tuesday is sponsored by Tam at The Gypsy's Corner. Please visit her for more participating posts.

The post just below tells of my receiving two sets of salt and peppers through the Freecycle Network. After breakfast as I was passing the breakfront in the dining room I spotted another similar set.

Here are the two sets I got through Freecycle last week:

This is my set (with the salt inside), along with a very similar one. At first I thought they were identical but soon noticed the difference in the designs.
Notice that the glass bottoms on my set have scalloped edges continuing the ribs on the sides,
while the other set is just ribbed to the bottoms:

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Second-Time Around Tuesday – Freecycle-d Treasures

Diane hosts "Second Time Around" at A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words. See more participants at her blog.

Three or More Tuesday is sponsored by Tam at The Gypsy's Corner. Please visit her for more participating posts.

Have you visited Bill’s blog, Affordable Accoutrements yet? It is very well written and presents fascinating information and examples of home décor ideas. In his post for "Monday August 3, 2009 "Fetish for Flatware?" Bill shared his collection of flatware and showed a photo of the closet interior where he stored his flatware. The majority of the flatware were stored in various silverware chests. Since I have three flatware sets that are just vying for space in two kitchen drawers, I thought, "Ahh I need one of those flatware boxes to control my flatware better!

A few days after reading Bill’s post, I received an email notice from Freecycle listing things available and things needed by individual listers. Freecycle is a program by which people can get rid of things they no longer need, or make requests for things they do need. Through Freecycle I have given away a sewing machine, a TV-VCR, books and tapes. But I had not seen anything I needed until I read about a free silverware chest that was available.

It turned out that the neighborhood of the person making the offer was not far from my own. So after speaking with her by phone, off I went to see it. Here is the chest. It does have some scratches but is in good condition overall.

The inside fittings hold 12 knives plus the other flatware pieces stacked in the slots.
As I was about to step out the door she said; "I also have some crystal -- vase and bowl -- if you are interested."
"Vases?" I said. "Oh sure, I’m interested."
Inviting me into the kitchen, she pulled over a box and took out a vase, a matching square bowl and an oval tray – all lovely lead crystal.

Then she took out two pairs of salt and peppers. One set is glass with silverplated tops.
The other is lead crystal and also has silverplated tops, standing at 7 inches tall.
The sticker on the bottom reads "Shannon/ Crystal/ Designs of Ireland/ 24% Lead Crystal/ Hand Crafted/ China’" It is manufactured by Godinger and has MRP of $37.99.
I said, "Ah, but these are family heirlooms!" But she replied, "No, we just have them around and never use them."

Talk about a lovely and unexpected chance to give these items a new home!
These items will join others of my salt and pepper, vases, and decorative bowls. I can see the bowl filled with glass balls during the holidays. The vase will be lovely with fresh flowers.
I have Bill to thank for posting about his silverware collection and sharing his photos of his storage cabinet. So... Many Thanks, Bill!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Show and Tell Part 2 - House Tour

Show and Tell
In this post I continue to celebrate my sister and brother-in-law’s lifestyle with a tour of their open-concept home. Here are photos I took during my stay.

The double front doors lead into the Foyer.

Inside the Foyer entry doors with their glass panels. The lantern light fixture will be replaced soon.
This is a closeup of window above the front doors. (Sorry for the dark image)

Wall décor includes a mirror and clock on the right side of the doors above the oak bench.
Above are mirrors and one of several pairs of sconces in the home.

View of left side of front doors
Still in the Foyer, looking toward laundry room and garage

Just ahead of the Foyer is the Living Room:
A pair of white chaises defines the end of the Living Room
Twin chaises and coffee table
The glass-topped coffee table has iron legs with branches. The footstool legs echoes the ironwork of the table.
Sofa and side table with photos, mirror and another pair of sconces. The animal print pillows echo the footstool and the pillow on the wooden bench in the Foyer.
The white sofa is upholstered in white leather and has simple, elegant lines.
The sofa with vintage mirror above and curio cabinet beyond.
This view shows the vintage curio cabinet and one of a pair of side chairs also upholstered in white leather.
A closeup through the glass doors of the vintage curio cabinet:

The family loves to read so there are lots of books. Here is a stack of some favorite titles on top a box next to the sofa end table.

Next is an overview of the Kitchen:

The area above the cabinets is used as a display area for baskets, figurines of birds and other items.

Here is a view across a kitchen counter to windows of the four season room.
Another view from the kitchen to the four season room. (On the lower left is a walker my sister borrowed from a friend, since shewas temporarily unable to walk due to a very recent injury. )
One of the dining chairs with family room in background. On the chair is one of many throw pillows found throughout the home.
A view of dining room area at one end of the new four season room:
Looking across the dining table to the front doors:
A blue and white urn rests on the floor beside the china cabinet in dining area.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the lovely home of a wonderful couple. They mean the world to me so I have been glad to share their home and lifestyle in this week’s posts.

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