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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Second-Time Around Tuesday – Freecycle-d Treasures

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Have you visited Bill’s blog, Affordable Accoutrements yet? It is very well written and presents fascinating information and examples of home décor ideas. In his post for "Monday August 3, 2009 "Fetish for Flatware?" Bill shared his collection of flatware and showed a photo of the closet interior where he stored his flatware. The majority of the flatware were stored in various silverware chests. Since I have three flatware sets that are just vying for space in two kitchen drawers, I thought, "Ahh I need one of those flatware boxes to control my flatware better!

A few days after reading Bill’s post, I received an email notice from Freecycle listing things available and things needed by individual listers. Freecycle is a program by which people can get rid of things they no longer need, or make requests for things they do need. Through Freecycle I have given away a sewing machine, a TV-VCR, books and tapes. But I had not seen anything I needed until I read about a free silverware chest that was available.

It turned out that the neighborhood of the person making the offer was not far from my own. So after speaking with her by phone, off I went to see it. Here is the chest. It does have some scratches but is in good condition overall.

The inside fittings hold 12 knives plus the other flatware pieces stacked in the slots.
As I was about to step out the door she said; "I also have some crystal -- vase and bowl -- if you are interested."
"Vases?" I said. "Oh sure, I’m interested."
Inviting me into the kitchen, she pulled over a box and took out a vase, a matching square bowl and an oval tray – all lovely lead crystal.

Then she took out two pairs of salt and peppers. One set is glass with silverplated tops.
The other is lead crystal and also has silverplated tops, standing at 7 inches tall.
The sticker on the bottom reads "Shannon/ Crystal/ Designs of Ireland/ 24% Lead Crystal/ Hand Crafted/ China’" It is manufactured by Godinger and has MRP of $37.99.
I said, "Ah, but these are family heirlooms!" But she replied, "No, we just have them around and never use them."

Talk about a lovely and unexpected chance to give these items a new home!
These items will join others of my salt and pepper, vases, and decorative bowls. I can see the bowl filled with glass balls during the holidays. The vase will be lovely with fresh flowers.
I have Bill to thank for posting about his silverware collection and sharing his photos of his storage cabinet. So... Many Thanks, Bill!


Barbara Jean said...

Love the box and those salt and pepper shakers.

have s super Tuesday.

Barbara jean

Gemma Wiseman said...

Such exquisite crystal! You are so lucky!

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

I've never heard of freecycle. Sounds very interesting. Is it an online place?

Christi @ A Southern Life

Chris said...

Beautiful crystal(and glass)! I especially love the platter. Nice they now have an appreciative home!


Salmagundi said...

I can't believe you got those from freecycle. Great stuff! Sally

Carrie said...

Yes it is. Here are the link for the main website. You can then search for a chapter near where you live:

Bill said...

Hi Carrie,
You were thoughtful to mention me in your post. It wasn't necessary, but I appreciate your kindness.

You did very well here. Since you've been so nice, I shouldn't covet your beautiful crystal salt and pepper shakers (but I DO ... just a little!). ;)

jeanne said...

Carrie, how can you turn down FREE? I couldn't and your items are all lovely and useful too. It looks like you hit the jack pot. Lucky you. Great story, great stuff.


Cass @ That Old House said...

Ok I am now on my knees, bowing to you. (Which makes it darned hard to type, let me tell you.)

FREE ??? amazing. Love it all -- but wow..,. how terrific. It's a win-win -- you got some lovely things, and that lady got to give away things to someone who appreciates them!


gail@myrepurposedlife said...

great finds! Gotta love that freecycle and my favorite, Craig's List!
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