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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tablescape Thursday - Celebration Dinner With Family

Last Sabbath my niece, Ashley, was baptized. My aunt came in by bus from New York to join my sister, her husband, Ashley and her brother. My mother and I were there also. When we got home from church in Boston, the only thing on anyone’s mind was FOOD. Normally, the table would have been set from Friday, but since there had been a plumbing emergency, the table was not ready when we arrived at my sister’s home.

This tablesetting was a group effort. As the food was being heated after church, my sister, her son, and I set about getting the table ready. In between a few photos were taken of the newly baptized girl with her loving relatives. Knowing that any minute the eating would begin, I took a quick photo of one side of the table, as the table setting work continued:

Besides two tall candlebras at each end, the centerpiece included a tall burgundy and gilt urn with two burgundy candles in silk bags on either side. All is set on a beaded holiday table runner.
My sister enjoys adding and adding to the tablesetting. So she added two egg-shaped music boxes at the extreme ends of the candelabras. They are jeweled and enamelled and play "the Dance of the Flowers from The Nutcracker ballet.

The place setting is 222 Fifth “Belize” dinner plates on gilt chargers, golden flatware, and Italian goblets. (My 23-year old nephew put the forks on the right side of the plates, and laughed in surprise as I transferred them over to the left!) This had to be the most rushed table setting ever! We usually spend a long time adding and arranging things until it looks just right.
Photo of the cake made by a friend of the family for Ashley’s baptism.

Besides the cake there were two pies and Grape Nut ice cream for dessert.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tablescape Thursday – Thanksgiving Table

The past several days have been very busy, so I haven’t been posting at all. I also did not have time to do a tablescape. So, for Tablescape Thursday this week I thought to share the table my sister and I put together for Thanksgiving Day dinner, 2008 at her home.

We started with a lovely cut work tablecloth:

The place setting consisted of Royal Worcester "Evesham" plates (which we both have), set on gilt chargers and topped with white napkins in fruit napkin rings:

The flatware is gold. We decided to place the napkins alongside instead of in the plate:

My sister is a very exhuberant in her home decor and likes big, dramatic design. The centerpiece included two large ceramic cornucopias filled with pomegranates and other fruit:

Also, ceramic fruit arrangements in a white bowl at opposite corners of the table:

The glasses are matching"Evehsam" goblets; additional ceramic fruit are placed about the table:

This view shows the. center of the table with has 2 tall and 2 shorter candlelabra, the two conrucopias, and a big bowl of ceramic fruit in the center.

At one end of the table was an Evesham bowl with white napkin all filled with croissants:

We sisters always have such fun setting the table for each Thanksgiving dinner, no matter which of our homes we are celebrating in that year. Here is the 2008 result:

In this view we had changed the goblets to golden shimmering ones:

This is how it looked with the Evesham glasses; also Evesham salt and peppers:

The food was served buffet style. Well, there was no room on the table for the delectable banquet we enjoyed that day!

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tablescape Thursday – Another Fall Table Setting

For this fall table the general effect is golden and amber, taking its cue from amber depression glass.

The tablecloth is a pale yellow. The amber Rosemary Dutch Rose luncheon plates, which were introduced in last week’s post, are set on golden chargers from Target. Next to the plates are matching Rosemary Dutch Rose 5" desert or berry bowls, made by Federal in 1935. A golden fruit is placed in each bowl to add to the golden-ness of the table.

The flatware is from my Mother and is gold with an embossed floral motif.

The crystal is Lenox "Autumn" goblets.
(In the breakfront we see the Lenox "Autumn" dishes, which my mother pointed out that I have not used in a long time. True, I don't want the job of taking it out, after having it to clear it all out for painting the dining room!)

The center of the table consists of a large 13-inch diameter amber platter holding a yellow glass bowl in which is a Fitx & Floyd covered pumpkin.

On either side two contemporary amber tumblers embossed with stars hold sprigs of delicate white flowers with muted green leaves.

The whispy flowers echo the light brown embroidery on the large napkins.

On either side of those are two ceramic fruit in muted tones of green, yellow and light orange.

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My local consignment shop was the source for several of the items in today’s tablescape:
The six “Rosemary Dutch Rose” plates cost $14.98 – a great price for depression glass!
The large amber around four dollars; and three of the star tumblers at $3.00 each:
Even the floral sprays came from the shop!

From Target via Amazon.com came the six chargers at $15.99.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my golden fall tablescape!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday and Blue Monday – Color On the Walls! Part II

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Blue Monday is sponsored by our gracious Sally at Smiling Sally. Her listing will take you to others who love the color blue.

As promised, this week I will continue to describe how newly painted walls have transformed my living spaces. Ihad gone along with the idea of off-white walls being versatile, and even making the place seem more spacious. But the addition of soft colors to my walls has really enhanced the appearance of my home. Family and friends expressed that the soft hues have pulled the d├ęcor together. Here's hoping that the true colors will show up in my photos.!

All woodwork was painted in Benjamin Moore Satin Finish trim OC13 "Soft Chamois."
The living room and front hall stairway were painted in Benjamin Moore 1494 "Vale Mist". That is three walls were. The wall that continues from the center hall to the west wall in the living room is in Benjamin Moore 1562 "Quiet Moments," as was the dining room.

Here is the couch and paintings above with the soft blue on the west wall.

This shows the junction of the blue and the green behind the living room desk on the north wall. (Sorry about the reflection):

The dark wood furniture such as the desk and curio cabinet on either side of the fireplace are set off with the soft green second color in the room.

The dark blue draperies with its green leaves, and the pictures on the green walls is pleasing.

The dark furniture is also enhanced by the green of the walls:

The sofa and love seat have tiny squares of green thread, which is picked up by the green wall behind the love seat.

The bedroom wall color is Benjamin Moore HC-5 Weston Flax, a soft yellow. I like how it sets off the accessories in the room:

Note how the Wedgwood blue draperies look against the pale color.

The draperies pick up the Wedgwood jasperware pieces on top of the book shelf. and the blue flowers in the print.

The dark furniture also looks well with the yellow walls:

In the bathroom the walls were painted in Benjamin Moore kitchen and bath paint in 922 Antique Lace. This continues the yellow hue of the bedroom, but is more of a cream color.

To continue the blue from the draperies from the bedroom I plan to use this Waverly toile fabric for the window and shower curtains:

The previous curtains were a white and peach stripe for the window and a solid peach for the shower stall. As the painting was going on, I found these neutral color curtains at the thrift shop for $1.50 and a similar color shower curtain for $1.25. They have been standing in quite well until I get the toile sewed.

In the meantime, the cream color works well the wall accessories, as they are now; there will be more changes:

The painting of the walls came about because I had ceiling damage in the kitchen, living room and my bedroom. Outside I had the roof completely replaced to avoid any more rain seeping in. Well, while it was quite a lot of work to clear the rooms for the ceiling and wall painting, the end result is very pleasing an I have been really enjoying having color on the walls!.

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