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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine Greetings

Valentine’s Day if often associated with large heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. The Food Network and others have been airing various interesting programs about chocolate. Valentine’s Day is also associated with flowers. The accompanying card reveals the sender.

Another important Valentine’s Day item is greeting cards. Jenn at The Thrift Shop Romantic has an interesting post about her Victorian Valentine Postcards.
School children exchange whimsical Valentine greetings, such as the one on the left which I received from one of my students during the 1970’s in south Texas. Shaped like a bottle stopper it reads, "For My teacher/ Can’t keep it bottled up!/ U R the 1 4 me/ Be my Valentine." The Hollie Hobbie card was from another student.

Here are some other greeting cards I found when I was locating heart-shaped items described in my Feb. 5 post.
These cards from young nieces and nephews brings a smile to my face. They are set on a large cream platter from Portugal, that has pierced heart decoration around the edge.

The sentiments of cards from family, such as these from my sisters, are lovely to receive.

So is this vintage-looking card from my mother that I put in a white thrift shop frame. [Sorry, I was unable to get these two photos to rotate]

The card on the right came from my aunt and uncle.

During my visit to the hospital guild thrift shop last Friday I found a couple items to add to the collection:
A heart-shaped tin filled with heart-shaped note paper. These came in handy for one of my Valentine mailings.

A tin cookie cutter. It is just the right size to use for tea sandwiches.

My Journey Back has been sharing links to various Valentine-themed posts as part of her Valentine’s Day Party.
I hope that you all receive lots of sweet greeting cards and that your Valentine’s Day will be the best ever.


Irene said...

I know many people will complain in their bogs about consumerism, etc. but I love sweet thoughts and wishes and beautiful pictures!As long as the meaning is not lost, I love beautiful expressions of love and appreciation. What I also love is what you write on your side bar abour Beauty being God;s handwriting. It somehow brings in my mind beautiful images of a childhood summer, innocence and keeping eyes wide open for Beauty... Thank you.

Sweet Designs said...

Your card collection is very nice, I especially like the old fashioned ones. I hope you have a lovely and fullfilling Valentines day!
Thank you for stopping by my blog eariler!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

THank you so much for visiting me and entering my giveaway! I just love Valentines Day and the cards are so pretty!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I enjoyed seeing your Valentines and heart collection. Seeing your cookie cookers reminds me I have those too!


Jenn Thorson said...

Oh, Carrie, I LOVE that you saved your Valentines from everyone over the years, including your students. What a nice collection of fond memories you have with those. I'm sorry I didn't get to see this until now (work has been a bit of a crusher this week). And thanks much for the link-- I'm glad you found the Victorian postcards as charming as I do.

Happy Valentine's Day to you!