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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Santas On Display

Christmas is my favorite holiday and Christmas time is the best time of the year for me. I love so many things about the holiday season – the decorations all around, the busy-ness, the festive air, the music, specials on HGTV and Food Network, the various emblems of Christmas …. Well, it's just that ...
One of my book collections consists is of various editions of Clement Moore’s T’was the Night Before Christmas. I have books that are 2" high to oversized ones. Due to a lack of space I cannot display them this year. However a related collection of Santas, my St. Nicholas collection, is currently on display in the Study.

The bookstand has proved a good display venue since the books are all pushed back to make room on the three shelves.

At top a Santa dressed in white fur-trimmed coat and gold trousers stands in front of the ceramic pine cone finial . The little bootie on the left side was a place card at a Christmas party at work. On bootie was made for each staff member by my secretary’s mother. My secretary then put our names on the side with a gold pen.

On the first shelf is a large carved Santa designed by Pam Schifferl. The white ceramic bell was a gift from one of my sisters. The silverplate Santa is also a bell. The star-shape is a trinket box.

These three Santas are all emerging from the chimmney:

I bought one of these stuffed fabric Santas for my Christmas Day-born sister back in 1986. Years later I found this one for myself in a consignment shop.

Three cookie tins. The one on the left reads, "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

I originally bought this for the frame, but decided to keep the interesting scene of Santa resting beside the fireplace. It is titled "Santa’s Nap"

This framed Hallmark reproduction card featuring a 1907 Santa and a child, was sent to me by my neighbors across the back fence. Just below is a paper garland of reindeer, a gift to me from Sweden. On the right, a little terra cotta house is a candle holder and has a chimney too.

The footstool displays Santas with Christmas trees in hand. The tallest one is resplendent in his beautiful red coat trimmed in white fur.

On a stereo speaker one Santa holds a candle aloft in a leaf holder. Two small candle Santas and a Santa mug with white peppermint candy canes, completes the group.

Nearby are two delightful stuffed Santas. The smaller one is by Hallmark.

This 2’ tree holds several Santa tree ornaments. The tree is one of two I just got at a thrift store for 50 cents each. It is set in an off-white clay urn decorated with holly. The rim and handles are stained in a soft gold.

This iron stand has a ceramic tile top. Hanging from the legs is a green Irish Santa.

Below is a fabric Santa in a gold wicker sleigh. In front is a stitched canvas Rudolph candy holder made by the mother of a staff member for me. You squeeze the jaw on either side and it opens revealing the candy. My little nephew really loved it. Hearing about this, my co-worker’s mother made him the white cat that is beside it. But when the little fellow saw it, he just said, "I don’t like cats!" and never even touched it! LOL. So, here it remains in his auntie’s home.

These two collector’s Christmas plates are from the Lenox "Victorian Santas" series. I choose these two plates because the scenes include a nativity. The 2003 plate is, "Babbo Natale, the Italian Santa Claus"

The 2004 plate is, "Viejo Pascuero, the Chilean Santa Claus"

Next to the plush Santa’s is a large cookie jar. It is a recent thrift store find for $3.00.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my St. Nicholas collection. Please stop by Oak Rise Cottage again very soon.


Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

I love your all white santa he is soooo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ cute

Esther Sunday said...

Just how much cuter can your stuff get??? I posted about our pincushion thingy tonight! Love!!!! Esther

Kelli said...

Your home is lovely, Carrie! Your Santa collection is lots of fun and I love your bookstand and everything displayed on it!

Georgia Peachez said...

Hi Carrie, your collection of St Nicks is FAB! xo, suzy

Jenn Thorson said...

Wow, Carrie, it's an absolute Santa-palooza! I love seeing the things other folks collect, and you have just an amazing collection of Santas. It must have taken you forever to put up. So much fun!


Anita said...

How wonderful! You are so lucky to have space to store so many goodies all year... Thanks for sharing them with us!! (I love the all-white one, too!!)

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Cute Santas! I see you have a blue one, don't think I've seen a blue one before. I'm going to post my Santas maybe tomorrow.