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Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Custom Handmade Present: Thank you Esther!

Back in October I was perusing Esther Sunday’s blog when I read about her collection of chairs in the form of pincushions. It just so happened that I also had a collection of chair pincushions. I made an e-mail to Esther, telling her of my collection, and promising to do a post about my chairs soon. This I did on October 25.

When I got a few more chairs, I sent photos to Esther by e-mail.

Later I got an e-mail from Esther with a photo of a chair pincushion she had crocheted. It was the one she used in her craft room. Later she indicated that if I wanted, she would make me a chair in the colors of my choice. Well, did I ever want one!
On November 26 Esther sent an e-mail with a photo of my completed chair! She would be mailing it shortly. Sure enough, the mail brought the awaited package with return address from Esther Sunday. I opened the package from with high expectation:

Inside was a package wrapped in hot pink tissue paper and tied with a pretty white ribbon and an envelope with a lovely floral note card. Unwrapping it, I saw my lovely pincushion. It is both elegant and squeezably soft!

Here is a closer look at the handmade chair.

I let Esther know by e-mail that it had arrived and was most welcome for my collection. Isn’t blogging the greatest fun? You get to meet such nice people with similar interests as yourself.

[Alert: Do not read this paragraph, Esther]
[Shh! When shopping it is fun to be on the lookout for items to get for other collectors. I am always checking by asking, "Do you still collect ... salt shakers, perfume bottles, etc." It is a release when the response is "Yes, I am…" Right now I am watching the mail for some things I’ve sent for for other collectors, but it is a secret.]

So Christmas is already here at Oak Rise Cottage. I’ve received my first gift from the inimitable Esther of the Sunday Journal.


Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Oh, how cute! I've never seen one of those!

Isn't it deflating when we find the perfect thing for someone's collection only to hear them say, before we give it to them, that they're over that collection? That they're tired of it and have moved on to something else.

Esther Sunday said...

Oh, Carrie, how sweet of you! I feel humbled that you posted it! You are right, it is so fun to experience each other collections, because we all "so get it". It was a pleasure to make it for your collection. Happy Holiday to you! With love, Esther