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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Holiday Home Tour

Edited to correct date (Thanks, Susan!)
Over at Karla’s Cottage she is hosting a virtual blog party on "what we LOVE about our HOLIDAY HOMES." The date is next Wednesday, December 12, 2007. "You can show anything you like. A whole room, a whole house, or just a close up of something special to you," says Karla.

Here is the button designed by Sadie Olive

On Wednesday all participants are to post on their own blogs what they wish to share about their own holiday home. Then leave a comment about it at Karla’s. She will then "link to your Holiday Home and we can all party hop from home to home and visit each other."

Sounds like fun? You bet! Just remember the treat we had on September 24 when Karla’s Cottage sponsored the Romantic Homes party.

In the meantime, here is your invitation to visit me here at Oak Rise Cottage. With God’s help, I trust I will have things ready for your visit:

The Season at
Oak Rise Cottage!


Theme Trees and Garlands
- Angels, musical instruments and crèche ornaments -

Dining Room
- "Holiday" Table setting & "China Jewels" Nativity -

"Christmas Tree" Kitchen
- Spode &Tiny Trees -

Gallery - Nativity Collection
- Crèches, ornaments, wall art, collectors plates -

In December 2002 one of my sisters wrote a poem in honor of an open house I was holding for a small group of women from a business network. As we had our refreshments after the tour, I read it for the attendees.

A Delightful Limerick

I’ve done the Oak Rise Cottage tour,
This time last year, and the year before
A true delight
The blue and white
When I entered the kitchen door.

The crèche over there by the garlands
And the one that I hold in my hands
Are both very rare
And oh so dear
Brought safely from foreign lands.

Look around, it’s crystal clear
That all the treasures displayed here
Adds to the
And this wonderful atmosphere.

In every room there stands a tree
Each one a special novelty
Some are small
Not very tall
Yes, those I like especially.

As each new chamber I explore
I grow more delighted with this tour
Please pour me
a little tea
To accompany my petit four.

For Carrie
This is how I remember your exciting home.
Your sister,


Patty said...

how lovely !

Esther Sunday said...

How sweet of your sister!! Nicely said. Looking forward to seeing your trees! Love, Esther

Irene said...

Oh what a lovely thing to do! What a beautiful present from sister to sister!
I shall be visiting you, now that I remembered to add you to my links even *before* commenting!
Thank you for stopping by my place. If you click to my other blog http://happy-turtle-deco.blogspot.com/, you will find a giveaway for the very first issue of House and Garden in Greek. Would you like to join?
Kindest Regards,

Unknown said...

Cute poem. I look forward to seeing pictures of your holiday house!

Lena said...

It's a lovely gift that your sister has given you.
Your Christmas preparations all look quite wonderful. I think you will have all sorts of nice ideas to share during Karla's party.
Best wishes to you!

Lena said...
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black eyed susans kitchen said...

Hi, First, I need to say that I love your blog. This post with the limerick was lovely. I also enjoy Karla's virtual house hopping. The date in your first paragraph, I think should be Wednesday 12th of Dec. I hope this is correct? Susan

Carrie said...

Thanks, Susan, for the correction. I have edited the post to read Wednesday December 12.