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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Gathering of Dollies & Teddies

As a little girl I always loved dolls and played with them every day. However, arriving at my teen years, they became the playthings that were just for the younger girls.

Now as an adult, I look forward to Christmas since then I can put some things away to make room for my dolls and bears. This month the display is on top and under the wood trestle table where the television sets in my bedroom.

The first teddy bear in my collection was made by my sister and her daughter.

It has a hand-made tag that reads, "’Polar Teddy Bears’ are huggable, lovable and washable." Note the tiny red belly button. I must admit that as a grown woman at first it seemed a bit odd to be given a plush bear. But as time has passed, I developed an affection for teddy bears, especially the cute huggably plush ones! [The tiny gold tree all festively adorned, was made by the same neice; I got it in 1998, when we gathered for her wedding.]

One day in fall 1986 I found myself in the famed New England department store, Filenes [now Macy’s] standing in line with a bunch of women. We each had in arms one or more of the store’s signature bear, Feelix.

The store’s slogan then was "Feeling Filene’s." The Christmas 1986 flyer featured a 4-page story called "Feelix and the Gift of Christmas."

Now, I entered the line buying the bear for my toddler nephew. However, Feelix was so cushy and nice, I ended up buying it for my self. After all, this bear was designed more for the collector than for child use. Last month I was glad to find the smaller version at a thrift shop.

Among my nativity sets are whimsical ones with bears or other characters depicting a nativity pageant. One of these, the Cherished Teddies nativity set, was displayed with the dolls and bears at Christmas time. The photo shows the 2002 display with the Cherished Teddies nativity at the top:

The dollies and teddies also have their own trees. The main tree, has teeny traditional glass ornaments and a glass star at the top.

A second tree is decked out in red roses of ribbon and fabric, with a red bow as a topper.

The display this year also includes framed photos of two dolls owned by one of my sisters and one of my own. Also, a postcard from England’s Windsor Castle, of dolls on exhibit there. The postcard pictures dolls given to Queen Mary during her travels to Holland, Norway and Denmark.

My two youngest sisters and I visited Windsor Castle in 1979, where we saw these dolls and also the famous Queen Mary’s Dolls House.

Two canine guests are also at this year’s yuletide gathering. A Ty beanie doggie and a bitty wooden Scottie, all decked out with a plaid bow and bells.

During the mid-twentieth century Scotties were a favorite motif of Christmas greeting cards. I noticed that on HGTV’s White House Christmas this past Sunday evening, the first family’s pet Scottie was featured quite prominently.

Due to the varied statures of the teddies and dolls, the tea settings are scaled to suit. So when tea-time comes around, there is a tiny tea set in ivory with gilt trim for the smallest ones…

A larger set in white with blue for the medium sized…

An ample-sized set in blue and white for the larger guests.

I hope you enjoyed the gathering of dolls and teddies at Oak Rise Cottage this Christmas time. I hope you can drop by again soon.


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Oh, I love seeing your dollies, and bears collection! I like the way you have them displayed, and the tea party, etc! And, the teddy bear Nativity!! It's so sweet! That reminds me, I have a Precious Moments tea pot Nativity, I need to show too.My dh has the digital on the trip with him, so I can't take pics until he comes home!

I just added more Nativity displays if you would like to see them!


Anita said...

I love teddy bears!! That big brown one is so snuggly!
And the tea things are adorable... :)
I love coming here!!

Patty said...

How sweet, its like you get to play with them again. I still have all my dolls. I should consider getting them out at Christmas and sharing them

Irene said...

Excuse me, but this is my favorite part! May I come over and play with you?

willzmom said...

I love your toys and teddies! How nice to display them. I enjoy your blog and I'll come back to visit soon I'm sure.

Dena said...

Oh I love all of your dollies and teddy bears! I have a collection that I put out at Christmas too and they always make me smile.


Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Yes, I did enjoy seeing the dolls! You've brought back a nice memory. A lady in our town used to hose "Doll Party" the first Thursday after Thanksgiving every year. People would loan their dolls and she'd have her house decorated for Christmas with dolls, mostly vintage and antique, and stuffed animals all over. The whole house would be open. We'd walk through looking at the dolls, visiting with friends and enjoying refreshments. She finally gave it up when she lost most of her hearing. I do miss it.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I loved looking at your teddies and dollies again! I plan to post my teddy collection in January.

Today I posted my snowman and Santa trees. Tomorrow I have another themed tree I'll share on Kelli's show and tell.


magnoliasntea said...

Oh my, I love those doilies! I'm very partial to miniature tea sets, also. Yours are just gorgeous!

Flea Market Queen said...

How fun...love the bears!
Thanks for the visit & the plates are hung with regular wire plate hangers and we used different length of nails to give it the demension!
Happy Holidays...