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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Advent Calendars

Today, December 1, is when many people take out their advent calendars. These special publications help count down the days of Advent from Dec. 1 until Christmas Eve. Each day a numbered window is opened. These calendars are designed in varied styles and themes. Some are quite whimsical, while others are more in keeping with the theme of the Savior’s birth. No matter what the design, in the case of children’s calendars, there is often a treat for each day, such as a tiny toy.

The calendar I am using this year is a vintage Advent calendar printed in West Germany. The slot I opened today is a Messianic prophecy "The people that walked in darkness, have seen a great light." Is. 9:2. This made me smile and think, Yes, thank you, Jesus; may we always walk in your light!"

On Christmas Eve the full panorama of the nativity will be revealed.
The one other calendar in my collection has the Nutcracker as its theme.

Each day a mini book numbered for that day, tells one segment of the story of the Nutcracker, until it culminates on December 24 with the Magic Sleigh.

This calendar was published in 1993 by Workman Publishing Co. The story is retold by Mary Packard and illustrated by Nan Brooks.

The custom of using an Advent calendar to look forward to the coming of the Baby Jesus is a nice way to mark the family's anticipation of Christmas Eve.

Be sure to visit Katherine at Yellow Rose Arbor for a great introduction to the topic of Advent, the four candles of Advent used in many churches and homes, and the meaning of various aspects of this tradition.

Does your family use an Advent calendar? What is its theme?


tania said...

bravissima , hai preparato anche tu un bel calendario dell'avvento

Esther Sunday said...

My brother and I did an advent calender every year growing up. It was such a big deal for us. We would both gather around it with my mother every morning to open a new window. Thanks for the bringing back a sweet memory! I do love your stuff, Carrie!!!! Love, Esther

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Oh, the West German calendar is so pretty! I've always wanted one like the Griswold's have on Christmas Vacation, but don't have one at all.