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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Amber Depression Glass

Just recently, with fall on my mind, I have been gathering various amber glass dishwares. They are both new designs and depression glass. Here are two vintage patterns:

First, six Rosemary Dutch Rose 9 ½ in. diameter luncheon plates found at the local consignment shop.
They have embossed rose motifs around the rims and in the center.

This yellow/amber depression glass was made by Federal Glass Company from 1935-1937. The plates are quite sturdy and my mother and I have enjoyed eating off these lovely vintage dishes.

Also from the consignment shop is an 11-inch diameter plate in "Patrician Spoke" from Federal Glass Company. The pleasing light color is referred to as amber, yellow or golden.
Its gently scalloped edge is very attractive. This pattern was made from 1933-1937.
You can see where the name "Spoke" comes from – the spokes radiating from the center,
surrounded by a second row of spokes:

Aren’t depression glass dishes so pretty with their lacy patterns?

I wanted to use the Dutch Rose plates in a tablescape for today and started to gather the items needed. However, the past few days were focussed on getting things ready to take for consignment today. Here is a peek at the place setting as it is now:

There is a pale yellow tablecloth, golden flatware, gilt napkin rings, and an amber depression glass.

A modern amber glass might be substituted; however, since the table is on the formal side I think goblets will be better.
The setting is even more golden when the plate is set in gold chargers

Well it’s pretty late now, so I plan to have the tablesetting all done for next week’s Tablescape Thursday.

I am happy that you visited today, and hope you will come by again soon. Your comments rare most welcome.

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Kathi Fly said...

Your amber depression glass dishes are so pretty. I wish I knew more about depression glass, I really do love it but don't have any. But, I really LOVE your amber cone shaped glass. I'd love a set of those!

Cass @ That Old House said...

How pretty!
I LOVE those spoke dishes -- but then I love depression glass. I used to love hearing my Mom tell how they would go to the movies on "dish night" and that's how she and her sisters collected some of their pieces.

What a fun post! And don't those amber dishes really glam up when you put them on that charger?

Lori (All That Splatters) said...

I think it's beautiful! I love the amber plate on the golden charger. Just gorgeous! I'll look forward to the whole tablesetting next week!

Debbie said...

Such pretty patterns on the plates.

Jeanette said...

Such a lovely tablescape. The depression glass is lovely.

Coloradolady said...

I love your dishes, and the look so fallish....I do not find any like that around here, I can find the clear but not the amber ones. I love your set, very pretty. Have a great weekend and thanks for linking in and showing these pretty vintage dishes.

Phyllis @Around the House said...

I also love depression glass, I like all the colors, I have some beautiful ones, I remember some of the designs of yours they are just so beautiful, you have inspired me to get mine out from the cupboard and do some photos as well....maybe a nice lunch

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

I love depression glass. But I don't know much about it. So I appreciate learning more from you.

Carrie said...

Kim@Starshine Chic, You are very welcome, but take a look at the following website – Depression and Elegant Glass. Kate gives very useful and interesting information about both regular and elegant depression glass -- http://www.depressionelegantglass.com/

concretenprimroses said...


Carrie said...

Kathi Fly,
Yes, I love the cone shaped glass too. I also have four in pink, a birthday gift from my sister and her husband and enjoy using them. They are made of optic glass and I’ve seen them referred to as footed tumblers or low footed goblets.
Have a great weekend,

tea time and roses said...

Hello Carrie,

What a beautiful table, so elegant, so beautiful. Vintage dishes are simply lovely. Thank you so much for the link, I will surely visit.

I am having a little giveaway. So if time permits drop by my place. The giveaway ends Sunday, November 1, 11 p.m. PST. Enjoy a lovely weekend.



Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Oh, how pretty all this is! I looked and none of my pieces are like this. I have a plate, but I think it has the name something like Rose of Sharon? I also have a cone shaped glass, but it is different from yours, has little flowers down each of the "sides."

I just love the yellow/amber depression dishes. I vaguely remember this glass coming in laundry detergent, and they also gave it away at gas stations way back when. I wish I had started collecting it a lot sooner!

I look forward to seeing more next week!


Rettabug said...

I adore your wonderful collection of depression glassware! I can't wait to show you my pink & green sets. I don't have any yellow ones, so I really enjoyed seeing yours.
They look beautiful on the gold chargers!

I really enjoyed my visit to your blog.

♥ Rettabug

GranthamLynn said...

How pretty. Thanks for sharing.
have a Blessed Weekend,

Carrie said...

Rettabug – I am looking forward to seeing and reading about your depression glass.
I will be checking for it,

Carrie said...

Yes, Katherine – it is amazing how many patterns are available in various colors of depression glass. The designs are very pretty and have such special names. Wasn’t it fun when we coould get useful items in our detergent and other purchases?

Schotzy said...

Hi Carrie! I am so glad to stop by this evening! I just made myself set down and visit my old friends and it has been a delightful evening! I havent posted on this theme for quite a whie and it was fun to catch up with you and see what youve been up to. I love the amber glass... perfect for this time of year! I pray you and yours are all doing well and are deep in the throes of celebrating this marvelous autumnal season with great plans for family and friends. Until next time, God bless! CArolyn

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I love depression glass! Your amber glass is so pretty - love how they just seem to coordinate so well with each other.

Lisa Wicklund said...

The silverware you have in these pictures...do you know anything about it? Name? Maker? I have a set of this and cannot find a thing on it. Thanks in advance
hipmonkey at msn dot com

Carrie said...

I got the set of 12 from my mother several years ago. I have checked both Ebay and Replacements Ltd. My best guess so far is that it is by Japan Flatware, based on the design.
If you find anything more definite, please let me know.