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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday – Free Dollies

This post is part of Vintage Thingies Thursday, sponsored by Lisa, the Apron Queen.

These two dolls were in a pile of things outside the Hospital thrift shop with a sign that read, "FREE".

The Native American dolls are made of hard plastic. I believe they are from the 1950’s. They are both dressed in a suede-like material that is embellished with tiny beads. Their shoes are of the same fabric. Both have hair braided in two plaits and hair bands with tiny beads.

This one is 7 ½ inches tall, including the base made of slice of birch. Her head and arms are stationary. Her eyes are painted on. A small drum is attached to her right sleeve.

This other doll is 7 ½ inches tall in her moccasins. Her head turns and the arms move at the shoulder. Her hazel eyes open and close. Her head always returns to this side way position.

Well, first the owner donated them to the thrift shop, where they were rejected by one of the workers. But now they have a home again at Oak Rise Cottage.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you will stop by again soon. To see more vintage things, please visit Lisa at the Apron Queen for a list of participating posts.


ellen b. said...

Those are so cute Carrie. I remember seeing dolls like these in souvenir shops at Knott's Berry Farm, etc. I'm glad you salvaged them :0)

sista #2 said...

They are adorable!!!!


Anonymous said...

Your dolls are adorable! love them!

Patty said...

What cute dolls! My dad used to bring us dolls when he came home from business trips and your dolls remind me of some that he brought my sister and me.

Dawn said...

I used to rescue dolls all the time at garage sales and auctions. They are cute!

Charlotte said...

How could anyone reject these darling dolls? I'm glad you gave them a home. I remember when I was a little kid when we would travel through Arizona and stop at the curio shops I always wanted to buy an Indian doll. I never did get one. I still think they're cute.

Grandma J said...

They are so adorable! What a great find. They are lucky to have you for their new mom.

Beth Ann said...

Those are really cute and unusual! What a great deal! LOL
Isn't it neat how many different things are out there??
Thanks for stopping by on my salts!

Coloradolady said...

what cute dolls, I can not imagine someone not wanting them. I seem to remember some of those back in the 60's. Cute.

eileen said...

I'm so glad you rescued these little ones and gave them a happy home. They are very nice.

Bertie said...

Just stumbled onto your site and was so shocked to see those little Indian dolls! I had one exactly like the one with the drum when I was a little girl & had completely forgotten about it until I saw these pictures! I remember getting it somewhere in Oklahoma (maybe near Bartlesville) at a roadside gift/tourist shop when I was probably about 5 years old & I was born in 1951. Oh how I wonder what ever happened to my little Indian Maiden!
Thanks for the memories!