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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday: Well-Watered Plants

As I mentioned in my Mosaic Monday post, the hot summer days had left my garden all parched. Well, the past three days we have had rain, and as I look out I can see the plants making good use of all the extra water.

So today I ventured out across the sopping wet grass to look at my Rose of Sharon plant. I received a piece last summer from a friend and have been looking out from the kitchen window to see the lovely pink blooms. All along there were just one bloom at a time. However, in the past three days I’ve seen two, three, and now five blooms.

Even when wet, the pink blooms are so lovely:

I also enjoyed looking at the blossoms and buds on the nearby Stella d’Oro lilies plants:

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nannykim said...

Glad all survived!

Sherrie said...

Beautiful flowers. I've often wondered what those Rose of Sharon was when I saw them, thanks for the info. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Linda said...

Is the Rose of Sharon related to the hibiscus? It looks like one we have here. Pretty pictures!

Carrie said...

Yes, Linda, the Rose of Sharon plant is called Hibiscus syriacus.

Irene said...

Very beautiful1 I love the first drops of water on the ground and on the leaves!

Mikey Fuller said...

Lovely flowers! I just bought some knock-out roses and got them in the ground about a week ago, and they are starting to take off! Hopefully I'll have them blooming through November or December--it doesn't really get super cold here until Jan/Feb. Following back, and will be exploring more of your blog right now!

Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage