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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Three or More Tuesday – Doll Chairs

For a course I took in the history of furniture each student had to make a chair file which documented the history of the chair from Greece and Rome to the present day. That made me very interested in various reproductions of traditional and contemporary chair design. In my home I have many full-sized examples, beginning with my dining chairs. But today I want to share my doll-sized chairs.
Here are several of my doll-size chairs:

Queen Anne style with cabriole legs and pad feet.

Unfinished ladder-back chair. It could do with a nice stain or paint color.

Windsor chair with its scooped-out saddle seat.

Woven Asian style arm chair

Another woven arm chair and matching stool, useful as a side table.

Blue metal outdoor chair

I see the miniature chairs as sculptural elements, as well as seating for my dolls and bears at Christmas time. So I often display them alone. However, one day I noticed that the doll on the guestroom bed was missing. Then I saw that my young niece had taken the doll and placed her in the Queen Anne chair in my bedroom!

Do you display your doll chairs alone or always with a doll?

Thank you for stopping by today. As always, your comment is welcome. Please visit Tam at The Gypsy's Corner for more delightful treasures.


Barbara Jean said...

Those are all so cute!!

Don't really have any dolls or chairs, but they would be so fun to display different ways.

Barbara Jean

Salmagundi said...

Such cuties!! I love anything in miniature. Have a great day. Sally

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

What a great collection you have. I've never displayed dolls "sitting" in chairs. The few dolls I do have, are tucked and stored away. I've an irrational fear of dolls actually. Started when i saw "Trilogy of Terror", continued when I saw a repeat of a Twilight Zone episode, and was sealed after seeing various horror movies with puppets and such. ARgh!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute- my favorite is the blue lawn chair- reminds me of ones we had as a kid!
I noticed your picture of your double impatiens- I am wondering if you have every tried to propagate this. I have heard you can by taking cuttings and planting them in soil- just wondering if you were successful- also I have one that is getting pretty leggy as i over wintered it- can you cut these to make them more bushy? Sorry for all the nosey questions!!!


Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Great chairs. I only have a few doll chairs. I used to display my dolls sitting in the chairs, but I got rid of my dolls and now the chairs are put away.

Carrie said...

Mary Ellen,
Thank you for visiting and for your comment. I really did not know you could keep the double impatiens over the winter. I thought of them as annuals. It would be gret to keep them longer.
So I really can't answer your questions, but hope you can find more information--perhaps on one of the many gardening sites.
All my best to you and do stop by again soon,