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Monday, June 2, 2008

I Remember Laura Blogathon – My Quilt

Miss Sandy at Quill Cottage is offering blog writers the opportunity to join in a special blog event.
"Over the four weeks of June, every Monday will be "I Remember Laura" day of the Laura Ingalls Wilder blog-a-thon. Each week has a theme in which a passage from one of Laura's books will be featured. You can share and participate by posting on that theme on your blog and linking up to my main post using Mr. Linky."
The week of June 2-8 features quilt and quilting: "Using Mr. Linky you can share your quilts or quilt related items and tell your quilt stories. Do you or someone in your family quilt? Perhaps your quilt is not hand made but special none-the-less, share it with us!"

My one quilt is one I made in 1975. Two of my younger sisters were living with me in a townhouse apartment in Texas. They were college students and I was on the faculty of a secondary school. Using two blue and white fabrics, we worked on redecorating the kitchen with new curtains, round table skirt, seat cushions and wall covering. One wall was covered in the larger print, and baskets and kitchen implements hung over it.

The seat cushions were in this same fabric, as was the toaster cover.

The curtains and tablecover were in the smaller print.

On the wall opposite the fabric wall, we hung a new quilt over the buffet. I used leftover scraps of the two fabrics to piece together the quilt, sewn on my sewing machine. The border and backing were in a solid dark blue. I intended to hand quilt, but alas, I never got around to the task.

Up until summer 2006, the quilt hung in my current kitchen, but it is now stored.

This quilt is not a skillful pattern done in the tradition of the fine quilters across the country. Nevertheless, it represents a lot of wonderful memories of times spent in Texas with my two younger sisters.

Please go to Quill Cottage for more participating blogs.


Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

That is so neat! I find hand-quilting relaxing. As small as that quilt is, you wouldn't even need a frame. You could hold it in your lap to work on it. And it's not too late to quilt it yet! Go for it!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I think that is a neat idea! I love the fabrics.

Lidian said...

Carrie, that is one seriously gorgeous quilt! I LOVE the blue and white.

Decor To Adore said...

What a precious memory of your apartment. I just love blue and white,

A Hint of Home said...

I bet that was a special time in you and your sisters lives. Your apartment was so cute and cozy looking.

Anonymous said...

It's just beautiful! And what a treasury of memories it holds!

3 for school said...

This is pretty! All it needs is blue and white china . . . and then I saw the next post on Jasperware. You got that covered!

Eleanor said...

I love quilting and the tales of Laura Ingalls Wilder! Love Eleanor

Anita said...

Very pretty! I love LIW, so I will have to check out Quill Cottage :)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,

Your first quilt is beautiful! I love the fabric choices!!!! Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for leaving the lovely comment on my quilt. You are sweet!

Dena said...

Oh it's beautiful and the memories behind your quilt are what make it all the more special :)


Denise said...

What a pretty quilt and such warm and pelasant memories it holds! Thank you for taking the time to share.

Have a blessed weekend!

Vee said...

Completely charming! It's the very best kind of quilt...one with warm memories.

Sandy said...

How wonderful that you share such special quilted memories with your two sisters! The blue and white is perfect for a kitchen and you all did a wonderful job of decorating in a such cozy fashion! Thank you for sharing and for participating in the blog-a-thon.

Miss Sandy

Jenn Thorson said...

Oh, it's so pretty. I love the way you chose to make it a coordinated quilt instead of a mismatch of too many different quilt pieces.

I've been saving a bunch of vintage handkerchiefs thinking I could do a nice quilt with them someday (I will need to learn to really sew well first. Currently, I am horrific at it.) But it's a fun idea.

Irene said...

I cannot quilt (I must get out of my comfort zone of cross stitching some day, though!) but I love Laura. I grew up with Little House and The Waltons. I think they still represent the ideal family: principles, love, hard work, companionship, and the spirit of Laura in her books...Great idea, lovely chic quilt!