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Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Show and Tell – Mother’s Brooches

Show and Tell

Show and Tell Friday is hosted by Kelli at There is No Place Like Home

Today I wanted to share some costume jewelry my mother gave me last month. As we were sorting her clothing for items to donate to charity, we took off the jewelry from the dresses and suits. I can remember her dressing up for church or some other occasion – she always wore lovely clothing accessorized with hat, pocketbook and gloves. A brooch was also an important embellishment. I also wear brooches and so am glad to add several of hers to my own collection.
I’ve had quite a time photographing the brooches, so must apologize for the poor photos.

On my bureau, I have a mirrored jewelry box which was also given to me by my mother last year. She had received it as a gift. It has a drawer at the front in which jewelry is stored. Pictured below is the box with the brooches she has given me.

My two favorites are the bow pin and the floral spray pin.

Next is a circular coil pin and another with a red stone.

This circular pin has a dark stone and has rhinestones around the edge.

On the bedroom wall over the bed is a framed memorabilia arrangement which includes another favorite pin, which my mother gave me many years ago.

When I have a little more time, I need to do a better job photographing these items.
Thank you for stopping by and do come again. I would love to read a comment from you.

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Anonymous said...
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Wanita said...

What lovely brooches. Thanks for sharing them.

Charlotte said...

These are lovely and special for you because they belonged to your mother. The mirror box is pretty too.

Muum said...

These are so nice, and with so many memories!

on the ROCKS said...

They just don't make pretty things of this nature any more. They are very pretty. And special because they were your mother's.

Simply Heart And Home said...


Your brooches are lovely. I love to wear pins and brooches. There is something so stylish about them. Thank you for sharing them with us!


The Apron Queen said...

Late making my rounds. Lovely show & tell. I remember my Nana letting me wear her cameo brooches as a little girl. Do stop by. I'll save you a plate of my Just Peachy Cobbler. :D

For your daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen, the home of Vintage Thingies Thursdays

Kelli said...

What special treasures, Carrie! I really like the bow pin too, so pretty!

Anonymous said...


I LOVE the mirror box. What a beautiful thing in it's own right, but to be filled with pretty things that belonged to your mother makes it a real treasure.

~ Becki

Anita said...

So pretty!
My grandmother had so many beautiful ones... This reminds me of them!

Have a great week!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

What beautiful brooches, and so special because they were your mother's! I love vintage jewelry!