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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Color Yellow in the Home

In honor of spring Angela at Cottage Magpie did a roundup of posts last month about the color green in the home or garden. Along with many others, I participated in the challenge with a post on Mar. 23, "Color Green in Your Home." This month Angela is focussing on the color yellow.

Yellow is a color I love to wear and to see in nature. A quick tour revealed that yellow does not show up very much in my decor, but it is still a factor.

In the living room two of three botanical prints are of yellow flowers. They are on each side of the front window

On the dining room wall is one of my framed embroideries. The crewel work is on yellow fabric, surrounded by an oval fabric mat in green.

In the kitchen, a painting by one of my sisters has yellow flowers

The plate rack has yellow flowers, and the yellow lemon pitcher is handy for making lemonade, which both my mother and I love to drink.

In the nativity gallery, the only yellow figurine is this Nuovo Capodimonte Holy Family from Italy

In the bedroom two newly-bought thrift store scarves share yellow hues.

In the garden, my favorite colors are the whites, yellows, blues and pinks. Already blooming are the white and blue hyacinths. The yellow tulips haven’t bloomed yet, but the leaves are coming up. Besides yellow tulips one of my favorite spring flowers is forsythia. We are having quite abit of rain today. So here is the rainy-day view from the dining room across the deck to the back fence, where the neighbor’s forsythia bush drapes over to my yard.

Check Angela’s for a round-up of all the participating blogs.
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tea time and roses said...

Hi Carrie!

This is my second attempt to comment, you know how blogger can be a times. :o) I sure hope it does not post two comments, but here goes again LOL.

Yes yellow is a lovely color and your embroidery and crewel work is beautiful! I love your lemon pitcher, just perfect for spring and summer. :o) You and your family have a lovely rest of the week.



Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

I love, love, LOVE that lemon pitcher! So cute!

Anonymous said...