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Monday, September 5, 2011

Sisters’ Birthday Teacups

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I have three sisters and we have a sisters club, established in 2003 during the weekend celebration for our mother’s 85th birthday.

We gift each other throughout the year with a variety of lovely items, books, frames, tops, inspirational cards, tree ornaments, magazine subscription, etc. Most of the time the same gift is given to all four, though with some variety relating to each one’s favorite color (blue, purple, green and yellow) or some other personal preference.

One of the gifts I gave was the birthday month cup from Royal Albert’s Flower of the Month series. Each month has a beautiful flower gracing the teacup and saucer. My birthday was a couple week before last and here is my August cup and saucer: The flower is the Poppy:

One sister was born on Christmas Day so her cup is the December one, depicting the Christmas Rose.

I found full-size and miniature cups and saucers for both August and December:

I am still seeking the January (Snowdrops) and February(Violets) mini cups for my other two sisters.

Do you have a flower-of-the-month cup for your birthday month?


parTea lady said...

Having a "sisters club" is a great idea. The August and December teacups are very pretty. I have a Sutherland April cup, but oddly enough it does not have Sweet Peas, but something that looks like Iris.

Terri said...

I have two sisters, and I would love to do the same thing you and your sisters are doing, it sounds fabulous! Your month tea cups are beautiful. I have the "June" cup of the series, and I think it is so pretty.
Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Snap said...

What great gifts and a great idea! I don't have my birthday month tea cup, but I want one! Happy Tea Day!

Entertaining Women said...

I love your idea of teacups for each sister. My sister and I have always loved choosing gifts for each other. Thank you for sharing your beautiful treasures. Cherry Kay

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Great idea for a Sister's Club! The tea cups are beautiful! Yes, I have a Lily of the Valley tea cup for my May birth month.

A belated Happy Birthday to you!


romance-of-roses said...

Oh this is very nice. No, I do not have a birthday month tea cup but guess what, will get one now. Mine is January, will start looking, thanks. Think your sisters will be thrilled. Smiles...Lu