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Monday, October 15, 2007

Other Consignment Shop Finds

To pass the time while waiting for my car at a maintenance shop a few weeks ago, I thought to visit a new consignment shop I had read about. It was in short walking distance, so I took off and soon found the building. Walking up the stairs, I looked for the shop. A postal delivery person putting mail in the boxes inside the door, told me this was the right address, but she did not know the location in the building. Entering an office, I asked about the shop and was told the entrance was on the side next to the parking lot. As I was walking across the parking lot, toward the entrance (which I could now see, as well as the huge sign) a pleasant man came alongside and asked if I was going to the shop. He turned out to be the owner. Inside, his wife was glad to hear that I had read about the shop and was coming to check it out.

The consignment shop is large and full of wares of all sorts, including antique, vintage and some new items. My finds consisted of a fine bookshelf, an antiqued white wood stool, a cream ceramic bowl, and four china and crystal thimbles. A call to the auto service shop revealed that the car would not be ready for a couple hours. So I had a ride home, and the delivery of the bookshelf and stool, from the shop owner.

Here is the bookshelf and stool in my study. The bookshelf is sort of an etagere in the form of a truncated obelisk. The green ceramic pinecone finial acts as the point for the top.

This new piece allowed me to take quite a few books off the floor. The stool, with a green cushion, serves as flexible seating. Without the cushion it is a handy place for a current project.

The ceramic bowl has a stylized swirl design, similar to Art Deco style. In the bedroom right now (under the bedside table), it will be used for potpourri.

Hope you enjoyed my adventure in treasure seeking for my home.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love it when you can take a mundane task like car repair and turn it into a wonderful day! It sounds like the shop you found is a true treasure..
Love all your finds!

Esther Sunday said...

Greetings, Carrie! Thank you for visiting me over at Esther Sunday's Journal! It is nice to meet you! I am glad you like the pin cushions! I love 'em too. Can't wait to see yours! By the way, the love the hutch below, it looks great with the blue Transferware! I'll add ya to my links so I can check back in! Love, Esther

Anonymous said...

Love your bookshelf! Isn't it nice when you can do something fun while taking care of something essential? Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. ~ Lynda ♥

Cynthia said...

Lovely finds! Thanks for sharing!

Cynthia said...

One more thing. Please stop by my blog. I have an award for you to pick up!

Joy said...

Hi Carrie!

I LOVE that bookshelf - what a fabulous find! Love what you did with it...

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

What great finds! That bookshelf is wonderful and I love the green pine cone on top.


Wanda said...

One of the first things I noticed was your sheers. I have the same ones in my dining room! I found mine on a trash pile. That's a great story, but sadly, one I can't tell in a public forum. To tell it properly might hurt some feelings and that's the last thing I want to do. But I'm loving using my friend's (but not social bud) mother's sheers!