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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Consignment Catch

For some time now I’ve been wanting a hutch for my small kitchen. Many that I found were too big and/or too pricey. Well, this morning I stopped at a new consignment shop for the second time. Since it was raining, I hurried up the steps to the door. As my hand gripped the unyielding latch, I read the hours of opening – Sunday 12 to 4. Ah, it was just about 11 am. Going down the steps I heard, "It’s O.K., I am here and I just finished my paper work, so I can open for you."

Well, thanking her, I went in and looked at all the neat things, stopping to read the labeled price tags. Guess what my eyes focussed on in an aisle that I had passed by minutes before? A neat pine hutch! The price was just right, so I got one of the owners and asked if the price was for the hutch and for the buffet under it. She said "Yes, it is."
Well, we quickly put a SOLD sign on it, and I rushed home to clear a spot for it in my kitchen.

Her husband wanted to deliver it this afternoon, but I could see that it would take me a while to get the things off the bookcase with sliding doors that the pine hutch would be replacing. So I should be getting it tomorrow. I can hardly wait! Now I have a place to display…. I am not sure if I want to put my collection of blue and white cups there, or blue and white dishes, or just what I had on the bookshelf all along – Green Bordallo leaf bowls, canisters with foodstuff. Probably the last choice, since it is the easiest for now. But, just think, I can change the display whenever I want.

Here are photos of the bookcase before I took all the stuff off it:

Once the new piece is delivered and set up, I’ll take photos for another post. Thank you for letting me share my excitement with you.

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Cathy said...

Hi Carrie,

Please mail me your address so I cand send out your prize!


Cathy, treasuredheirlooms.net