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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Aprons of Friendship

An apron is a domestic garment, which evokes a sense of warmth. This is so because it is emblematic of the kitchen, which is the heart and hearth of the home. It is often an item that can be given as a well-received gift to Mom, another relative or to a friend.
In this post I’d like to share three aprons which were given to me by two friends. The first came from a college friend who sent it for me from Sweden. This apron has two bands of orange geometric pattern on a brown background.

The second came some time later from the same friend when she went to live in Norway. This cotton fabric has an abstracted floral pattern in green and orange on a white ground. It has a heart-shaped pocket outlined in the orange piping, which borders the entire apron.

A co-worker gave the third to me in the early 1980’s. This design has a bib to protect your top. The white quilted ground has a circle with three sprightly daisies, and a red barn in the background. Another daisy decorates the bottom of the apron below the verse. Brown piping frames the entire apron and serves as ties as well.

The verse on the apron expresses the beauty of friendship:

I would like to dedicate this verse to all the bloggers who care for the well being of others, and who do all they can to offer support in times of difficulty.

The garden of friendship’s
a beautiful place
Where it’s sunny and bright every day
And good friends who care
Can always meet there
For it’s only a memory away.

My wish is that you each will have a wonderful day.


IRENE said...

I always wear an apron when I am cooking or washing the dishes, but I actually like wearing an apron when I go around the house doing chores. I think I'll have to share some photos of my aprons with you next Friday!

Anita said...

I love aprons... but I never wear them, tomboy-ish, hiking boot wearin', jeans and flannel shirts girls like me look (and fel!) sort of silly in them...lol

the feathered nest said...

Neat aprons! I really should actually wear mine, but I always forget (and ruin countless tops!).


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Nice aprons! My grandmother used to make them and I still have one she made.

I like the verse on the friendship apron and agree with your thoughts on it!


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a lovely verse...thank you!
I love the aprons. I only have one. I think I might start buying more...

Tea said...

I loved this post! Aprons are wonderful, and I really should use one, but I forget, too. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Esther Sunday said...

Lovely aprons! Esther

Cynthia said...

Love the aprons. I have been looking for some vintage aprons but I am having no luck. Thanks for sharing!

Life Info Zone said...

Lovely post!! Aprons r fabulous, Thanks for sharing this.