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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Star-Spangled Settings

This year’s Independence Day table setting centered around a new table runner with red and white stripes and blue stars outlined in gold.

Also on the table is a ceramic tray in a flag-inspired design

At the opposite corner is a flag design napkin holder containing extra paper napkins with flag motif.

The Napkin rings are Red Wood Stars holding “Porcelain Blue” cloth napkins.

The dinner plates are “Liberty Blue,” a Staffordshire transferware pattern made in England for the U.S. Bicentennial. Each item has a different historical illustration. (See the list of Illustrations at the end below.*)
The plates are set on white lacquer chargers. The goblets are Fostoria “Virginia” in dark blue:

As centerpiece I used two milk glass candlesticks with red taper candles on either side of a “Liberty Blue” covered bowl. Nearby are matching salt and pepper shakers.

The Sideboard or Buffet continues the star-spangled theme.
On a round woven placemat, a large hurricane globe holds a white pillar candle on ruby red pressed glass candleholder surrounded with wood flag motif stars. Sprinkled outside on the mat are larger wood stars. Behind it all is a large “Liberty Blue” oval platter in front of a much larger porcelain tray from Portugal. A spray of stars and flags is placed between the two platters.

The tea service includes the “Liberty Blue” teapot, sugar and creamer. On the teacup stand four “Liberty Blue” teacups feature Paul Revere’s Ride. Red ceramic strawberries add a touch of color to the saucers.

*FYI – The illustrations on the Liberty Blue dishware are as follows:
Dinner plates – Independence Hall
Oval Vegetable Dish - Minute Men
Round Vegetable Dish - Fraunces Tavern
Covered Vegetable Bowl – Boston Tea Party
Gravy Boat – Lafayette’s Landing at West Point
Gravy Stand – Governor’s House, Williamsburg

Teapot and Lid – Minute Men
Creamer – Paul Revere’s Ride
Covered Sugar – Betsy Ross
Cups – Paul Revere’s Ride
Saucers – Old North Church
Large Platter – George Washington Crossing the Delaware

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Sandra said...

I love your Liberty Blue dishes! My mother has a set and I think they are just so pretty. She does not have the covered dish...I am going to have to keep an eye out for one of those.
Thanks for sharing your festive table and you amazing dishes. Have a great weekend.

Lulu said...

You certainly made a just right table for the fourth. The table runner is a real winner, festive and fun.

Carrie said...

Be sure to check Ebay, which lists Liberty Blue items most of the time.
Good luck finding the covered dish.

jennyjane1148 said...

I have been searching for years for a Feelix Feelings Filenes bear, and found your picture through Google. My Dad gave me one when I was 12 and now, 23 years later, mine is in desperate need of a teddy bear hospital, as he has been with me all these years through thick and thin. Do you know where I could find one? I don't know where else to look.

Thank you for any direction you could point me in!
Jen, Lancaster County, PA (originally from Leicester, MA)

Carrie said...


I am sorry I do not know of any source right now. There is a swap group called Swap.com which lists all sorts of items. I searched for Feelix but though they listed over 1100 bears, there was no Feelix.

I also did a search on Ebay with no success. You might try Ebay Want It Now, which I’ve used in the past with some success.

I did find something very charming on Ebay showing Elizabeth Taylor holding a Feelix Bear! The item is listed as “1987 Press Photo Liz Taylor Promoting New Perfume Feelix The Bear Costume”. She was promoting her new perfume and was gifted with a Feelix bear after her question and answer session. I would show you the photos if I had your email or blog URL.

Sorry not to be able to help you in your search. I hope you find a replacement since Feelix is so cozy and huggable. I’ve kept mine in great condition since over the years, he’s only been taken out and displayed during the holiday season.

Take care,

jennyjane1148 said...

Thank you so much for trying!

Entertaining Women said...

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I really like your "Liberty Blue" plates. I've been tempted to add them to my collection before, and now I'm tempted all over again! Cherry Kay

La Tea Dah said...

I have this set of china --- and really appreciate how you have it displayed. Thank you for the ideas!

I am looking for yellow (printed) tulle fabric to make a tablecloth from. I think it would look lovely with this set of dishes as well.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Hi Such lovely dishes and decorations.

I do hope you'll post again.

Harvest Lane Cottage

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