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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Royal Commemoratives: ERII

Often in visiting other blogs we are reminded of something which we might share for our weekly blog events. For some weeks now, Miss Kathy at The Writers Reverie has been sharing her antique royal commemoratives, and it reminded my of my collection of British royal commemorative items.

For today’s post I am sharing some commemorative items relating to Queen Elizabeth II. All items were made in England and they include items that are now vintage since they span her many decades long reign.

These items are all displayed on a small two-shelf unit just inside my bathroom.

This is the top shelf with a small plate commemorating the coronation in 1953, a framed postcard portrait, and a cup and saucer celebrating the coronation:

This is the bottom shelf, with another vintage teacup and saucer, and a lovely mug:

This bone china coronation teacup and saucer was made by Rosina. The design on the front has a beautiful emblem with a cameo portrait of the queen and royal mottoes.

The back illustration reads "Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II June 22nd 1953". (Sorry the photo is not clear.)

The teacup has fluting all around and its lovely slim handle curves into a point.

The saucer repeats the illustrations from the cup and has a graceful scalloped edge outlined in gold.

A second coronation commemorative teacup and saucer is by Adderley and it is also of bone china. The front shows the royal shield with a cameo portrait of Elizabeth II:

The back illustration is of the cipher "ERII"

The saucer repeats the two graphics from the cup. It is edged in shallow scallops and gilt-edged:

Next is a small plate commemorating the 1953 coronation. I got this at a flea market where I pointed to a dish drainer full of various dishes and called out to the owner as to how much they were. He said "50 cents each." So I picked out this lovely 5-inch plate by Alfred Meakin:

The inscription under the flags around the plate states, "Crowned June 2nd, 1953." Under her photo it reads, "She Reigns."

Here is the vintage postcard of the young beauty, in a stunning portrait by distinguished photographer, Dorothy Wilding in 1952. I framed it in a gilt metal frame from a thrift shop:

An earlier black and white photograph shows young bride Princess Elizabeth with groom Philip, Duke of Edinburg in November 1947.

More recent commemoratives celebrate her silver jubilee in 1977. On the back of this small plate is inscribed 1977/ The Queen’s Silver Jubilee" and "Pride of Britain/ Silver Jubilee Souvenir/ Produced by/ Wood & Sons/ England/ Potters for 100 years.

Also for the silver jubilee is a bone china mug by Ashley.

Next is a deep blue with white Wedgwood jasperware small dish. It depicts the Queen in profile with a banner reading "1957 Silver Jubilee 1977"

For her diamond jubilee in 2002 I have a small covered box with her portrait. The box is white banded in blue with gilt garlands. Inside her portrait is repeated. The bottom inscription reads: "the queen’s Golden Jubilee 2002/ Edwardian/ Fine Bone China/ Made in England:

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Martha's Favorites said...

Carrie: I was so happy to read your post today. I thought I was the only one who did dish displays in the bathroom. You do it too! I don't feel weird now, if you do it has to be ok. I love the British commentoratives. They are all so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Blessings, Martha

Anonymous said...

What an awesome Royal collection you have! I am honored that you were so inspired to share based on my recent tea cup acquisition. You have some real beauties there - and the portrait postcard is lovely. I've seen lots of glamour shots of Diana but not so of the Queen. Very nice. And the Wedgewood cameo!

So glad you thought to share! And thanks for the link back to me, too!


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Good morning Carrie,
You have a wonderful Royal collection and setting it all up in the bathroom is a novel idea. I must confess that I don't have one piece of china in either of the bathrooms but I will have to think on that because the half bath/laundry room has a wonderful window in which I could display quite a few pieces. Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for joining me for tea. Hope you have a delightful rest of the week.


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

You do have some lovely commerative items of the Queen and they are displayed so beautifully. Great post. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

xinex said...

What a treasure of a collection! I have a souvenir cup and plate of Prince William and Princess Kate...Christine

Bev said...

What a wonderful collection!

Ruth...Time Was Antiques said...

Great collection...I'm all for that...have a collection myself! Thanks for sharing!

Nani said...

great collection, wonderfully displayed!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

What delightful pieces! How I love HM! She is just the best, and this is a great way to honor her, Carrie.


Sheila :-)

Marigene said...

Wonderful collection of British commemorative pieces...she was so radiant in her wedding photo.

piccolaceleste said...

Ciao adoro le tue tazze baci a presto lù...

Lady Katherine said...

Wow, Carrie you have a wonderful collection! I know your proud of! I wish I had just one piece. lol Lucky You, I loved seeing it.