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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SecondTime Around Tuesday – Books on Diana

Diane hosts "Second Time Around" at A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words. See the list of other participants at her blog.

Yesterday, the twelfth anniversary of her passing, I posted about the books in my collection of items on Diana, Princess of Wales. As thrifty finds, was a list of the ones bought at local thrift stores. At least eight others are books from my swap club –Paperback Swap, which includes both softcover and hardcover books as well as audio books.

Yesterday’s mail brought my latest acquisition through Paperback Swap.com:
Style at Home by Mary Carol Garrity. This adds to several other books on home and garden I gotten through the swap club:

Here are the Diana books I’ve received over the past year and a half:

A Royal Duty by Paul Burrell
Death of a Princess: The Investigation by Scott Macleod, Thomas Sancton
Diana: Closely Guarded Secret by Ken Wharfe
Diana's Boys: William and Harry and the Mother They Loved by Christopher Andersen
Shadows Of A Princess: An Intimate Account by Her Private Secretary by P. D. Jephson
The Bodyguard's Story: Diana, the Crash, and the Sole Survivor by Trevor Rees-Jones, Moira Johnston
The Diana I Knew: Loving Memories of the Friendship Between an American Mother and Her Son's Nanny Who Became the Princess of Wales by Mary Robertson
The Way We Were: Remembering Diana by Paul Burrell

I joined Paperback Swap.com. in fall 2007. The system has over 1,800,000 hardcover and paperback books available. Membership is free and only requires you to post a list of your own books to be swapped.

A related free swap group is SwapaDVD.com, which has you list DVDs you no longer want and choose DVDs you do want from those posted by other members.

I found one DVD that I’ve added to the collection – The Queen, starring Helen Mirren. The film is centered around the time of Diana’s death in 1987.

Enjoy your day. Thanks for stopping by, and do leave a comment.


Pam said...

She was a very special, caring and giving woman who left this life way to young. Nice collection.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

jeanne said...

I too have a certain passion for the princess Diana. I am always saddened by her story. What a wonderful collection of books to swap for. Lucky you to find such enjoyment in this book swapping club.

Hugs, Jeanne

Cass @ That Old House said...

Nice collection, and I will have to check out the paperback swap group. that sounds very intriguing!

You will enjoy The Queen. I saw it in preview in NY, before it was released -- it was good, although it does bother me when so much conversation is "reproduced" on speculation of what was said among any historical figures -- mostly because so many people will see a movie and believe it as "truth." But Helen Mirren is marvelous as Elizabeth II.