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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Hello! Yesterday I was having trouble inserting the photos where I wanted them, got distracted and ended my very first blog post almost in mid thought!

Continuing with the front entrance wall. . . There is a framed sunprint of a pineapple (made by applying the design stencil to the paper and exposing it to sunlight). I bought it at a craft fair at a local apple festival. It was a deep blue on off-white, but over the years it has taken on a purple hue from light exposure. The word "Welcome" and the pineapple graphic says "glad you’re here" to those who enter.
With usual thoroughness, I have placed a pineapple of some sort in each room of Oak Rise Cottage. Here are some highlights, with photos:
The Living Room – pineapple teapot from a Metropolitan Museum sale catalog is on the top shelf of the desk cabinet; pair of glass bookends on the bottom shelf; brass letter opener on the desktop; a floor standing faux stone pineapple I got at Marshall’s on clearance; on a side table a brass frame etched with pineapples, holds a postcard from a friend in Norway.

The Dining Room – trivets and coasters, many of which are gifts from my Mother, a sister and friends.

The Hallway wall includes a wood carved pineapple plaque.

In the Study, on bookcase - a pineapple finial, a gift from an interior designer friend.

On the bed in the Rose Guest Bedroom a pink pillow from friend and a crystal pineapple from the nightstand.

In the Principal Bedroom (no "master" here!) – On the bureau is a Lenox ‘Fruits of Life’ vase, a gift from my mother, which helped to launch a collection of Lenox vases, picture frames and bowls. Near the jewelry box are pineapple brooches, of which the most exquisite (in gold and silver) is from a friend.

In the Kitchen - a framed ink tracing of a pineapple I did years ago, the image from an old cookbook; two serving dishes by Wilton Armetale; my Household Book, a three-ring binder I covered in blue and white print paper; printed paper napkins from a friend; a pewter hanging wind chime, a gift from co-workers; a wood frame with applique pewter, a gift from one sister, holds a postcard I bought in Stratford on Avon, England in 1995; shaped notepad, fridge magnets, ruler, etc.

In the Laundry Room is a framed print on linen, which my two youngest sisters bought for me at a hospital gift shop when I went to get a second opinion regarding surgery in summer 1980.

So, with many thoughtful gifts from family, friends and co-workers, these items -- among other details of my home -- help express my interests and outlook on home-keeping and hospitality.
[Of course, each of my sisters also has her own assemblage of pineapple objects in her home. But neither has had the incurable focus as their big sister!]

I hope you enjoyed reading about this hospitality motif and related collectibles around my home. Let me know if you also collect pineapple items. I would love to hear from you.

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