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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Pouring Teapot: Mini Sized

La Tea Dah at Gracious Hospitality has been hosting a Tea Blog-a-Thon beginning on March 16 and ending May 31. With a different theme for each week, you may participate as much or as little as you like. The theme for the tenth week, May 18 - May 24, is The Pouring Teapot: "This week is all about sharing about teapots. Do you have one? two? or three? maybe more? Is it for display only or do you use it for tea? What is the tea server you use most? Your favorite teapot (or is it something like a quart jar?). Tell your teapot story, give it's history, and tell what it means to you. You can share more than once if you'd like. Antique, new, Asian, English, or something in between --- we'd love to know!"

For my second post this week I want to focus on my diminutive teapots. These are teapots classed as miniature, doll size, toy size, or child size.

True miniature size is usually in 1/12th scale and may be called doll-house size.
I have one almost miniature teapot and matching service. It is cream trimmed in gold. The teapot is 2" tall, the covered sugar 1 ½", creamer 1", cups ¼" tall x ¼" diam., saucers ½’ diameter. Tray is 3 ¾" diameter.

This tiny tea kettle is made of tin and has a brass handle. It is ¾" tall, including handle.

Child or toy size is intended to be used by children and are in scale to their statures.
I have four teapots in this category.
Here is an apple-shaped teapot just right for play use by a child.

I found this blue and white tea set in a local gift shop. Measurements are: teapot 3 ¾" tall, sugar and lid 2 ½", creamer 1 ¾", cup 1 ¼" tall x 1 ¾" diam, saucer 2 ¼" diameter.

This blue and white teapot (4 ½" tall) is a consignment shop find, along with the matching 2" tall creamer…

and three matching cups (1" tall, 2" diam.) and saucers (3 ½" diam.)

This silverplate teapot with creamer, sugar and tray is by Godinger. The teapot is 4 ¾" tall, sugar and lid 3", creamer 2" tall, tray 10" diameter.

I would say doll size is in between miniature and child size.
At 3 ¼" tall this white porcelain with pink bow, is trimmed in gold. So is the other in blue and white stripe with red roses.

This 2 /4" tall teapot is white with blue flowers all over, a chintz pattern.

At Christmas time all the these mini tea wares are featured with dolls and bears as part of the holiday décor.

For links to other participants in the Tea Blog-a-Thon, please visit La Tea Dah at Gracious Hospitality.


La Tea Dah said...

Carrie --- what a sweet collection! You've got some beautiful mini tea sets! My favorite is the little tin tea kettle --- so very precious and tiny! I have a few tiny sets, but not as many as you have. Three of my sets are "Barbie" size --- one of which is just like your white set, except that mine doesn't have the gold trim. I also have the little blue and white striped teapot --- and the small children's silver set (which I love). I think it's really fun to decorate with children's and dolly tea sets because they fit into a corner or tiny shelf so sweetly. One of these 'years' I would like to make a special 'tea tree' for Christmas and use all sorts of tiny teacups, teapots, and teaspoons tied onto the tree with ribbons and tiny twinkling lights. But, I'd have a hard time taking it down after the holiday. I'm afraid it would have to stay up year around! Now. . .to convince the men in the household . LOL!

Thanks for your post. It was really nice!


Millie said...

Your collection of miniature teapots is so cute. I love the blue and white ones.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

What a charming collection of miniatures! One of my favorite "toys" of childhood was my doll-sized tea set.

Sarah Mae said...

Those are so cute! Wow, you could have a tea party with a mouse!

Miss Sandy said...

This was too fun! Of all the pretty pots in all the posts I've seen, these are hands down my favorites! I had a thing for anything miniature when I was small and they still catch my eye. Thank you for delighting me with childhood memories.

ellen b said...

What a sweet mini collection! So much fun.

my little corner said...

Love your mini collection. I forgot I have one somewhere too. I brought it over with me from Germany when we immigrated in 1965. I think I am missing one cup. I am so happy you posted yours. Now I have to go find mine.


my little corner said...

Ops forgot!
You asked me about the painting of the little girl reading its called "Quiet reading" by Alfred Augustus Glendenning.


Ivory Spring said...

Hi Carrie,

It's ALWAYS great to meet a fellow dish-aholic!! I love your teapot collection -- what treasures you have.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the comments. I enjoyed reading them! :)

IRENE said...

They are all so tender and romantic little things! I particularly like the first blue and white and the silverplate. (I know, a little classic, but that's me!).
Have a beautiful day!

Sandra said...

Miniatures and teapots...how could you go wrong?! I love both so I really enjoyed this posts. I really like the little silver set. It's just so cute!