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Thursday, December 6, 2007

A New Collection?!

As I was getting things together for Christmas decorating I found what turned out to be the last Christmas card I received from my brother who passed in April 2006. I can remember him calling me in December 2005 and asking for family addresses so he could send out his Christmas cards. This is the card I received from him:

I remember thinking it was a lovely card. The snowmen are cutout and raised off the background, and have glitter on them. I had never collected snowflakes, icicles or other items with snow motifs. But taking out the card a few weeks ago, I got the urge to collect snowman items. A few hours later, in the Family Dollar store I spotted a pair of salt and pepper shakers. They were so endearing and cost one dollar. Then the next day at a thrift store I found a carved wood style snowman in a top hat, a candle snowman and a wood photo frame with a snowman painted on. Later, at home I saw that the top hat was really a ladies hat with a flower and that the snowperson had a bow!

Then I found the 2003 Christmas card I received from my Dad who we lost in November 2005. Every year my first Christmas card was from Dad. This particular one has snowmen as the motif. So I decided to frame it and the one from my brother.

Reading one of my 2007 Christmas magazines I found a coupon for a free Hallmark ornament with the purchase of two Keepsake ornaments. I had already bought one Keepsake ornament, the one nativity in this year’s Hallmark ornaments.

I had the 2007 mini angels on hold at another Hallmark store. When I went to pick them up, I presented the receipt from the other store and my coupon and got the free snowman ornament.

He is the cutest little guy, with a bird resting on his mitten, and he has glitter all over. So, in a short time there is another Christmas collection at Oak Rise Cottage. In the snowman frame I put some cutout letters on a red velvet background with holly leaves and some glitter strips.

I decided to place the new collection in the kitchen (which already had its own tree motif). Here it is on the counter between the TV and the refridgerator, amid treasured ornaments made for me by my nephew, niece, grandniece and grandnephew. They hang from the knobs of two thrift store glass containers, now holding peppermints

The ‘Merry Christmas’ sign was made for me by my then ten-year old nephew. He took the piece of wood outside, and used a magnet to burn the letters. He then added two tiny pinecones.

The tiny mouse on skates ornament was bought for me by my sister’s three kids in 1986 when I visited their California home for Thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading about my newest collection. Have a happy day!

Clipart from www.webweaver.nu/clipart


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love all your snowmen~What a wonderful to start a collection, with past memories..

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love all your snowmen~What a wonderful to start a collection, with past memories..

Anita said...

I 'started' a year-round collection of angels without trying... they seem to find me... People giving them away, my local trash guy finding them in people's trash and giving them to me... Gifts... I even have one little one I found in a gutter... :)

Esther Sunday said...

How sweet, everything so meaningful too!

IRENE said...

So wise of you to gather your favorite items that speak to your heart in the kitchen. It is so silly to keep them in places where we rarely see and enjoy them.
I was moved to read about your dear ones. May God rest their souls and bless you all.
If you stop by my place, there is a little surprise waiting for you!

carrie said...


Visiting you via a comment you left on Cherry Hill Cottage. I always visit people with the same name as me. =)

Enjoyed seeing your blog--love the snowman frame you created!