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Monday, September 24, 2007


To have grown up with a mother who loves beautiful things is a wonderful heritage for her children, who will go on to set up homes of their own. My three younger sisters and I each love homekeeping and all that it entails. We are pretty much all collectors of multiple things, all intended to enhance the pleasantness of our homes. Some collections are practical in running a household, while others delight the senses and add to the atmosphere of the house.

Pictured on the right above is a cornucopia in my middle sister's kitchen. Made of natural materials it makes a handy and attractive element on her countertop. Her guests have quickly depleted the generous stuffing of fruit she had provided here.

One traditional symbol of hospitality that all four sisters have collected is the pineapple motif. As the eldest daughter, I started the sisters off in most of the things we have collected alike. As the other sisters set up their own homes, they tended to include some elements from big sister. Both family and friends have contributed to our collecting ventures. For example, on the wall near the front door in Oak Rise Cottage there is a plaster pineapple made by a great friend of mine for me. It is painted in sort of an antique gold and is 18" h x 10.5" w. (See photo at top, left.)

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